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IN Engineering + Surveying  is a multi-disciplinary professional firm offering state-of-the-art services by integrating Surveying, Planning, Engineering, and Building Design. We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional construction and development projects—whether large or small.

A vibrant and modern company, IN Engineering + Surveying also stands on decades of experience and reliability. We recently acquired Collett Surveying Ltd., which provided surveying services for 35 years and can trace its history back to 1881. With over 100 years of service to the community, our vision is to lead our industries into the future by leveraging the latest techniques to identify discrepancies in engineering and providing an efficient methodology to attain cost efficiency with the stipulated time.


Our Services 

Integrated Surveying Planning Engineering  Design . We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional construction and development projects whether large or small.

Legal Surveys

  • Legal (Cadastral) Boundary Surveys

  • Surveyor’s Real Property Reports (SRPR)

  • Plans of Subdivision

  • References Plans

Structural Engineering

  • Mass Timber, Wood, Concrete, Steel, & Masonry Design & Engineering

  • Timber frame Design & Engineering

  • Foundation Design & Engineering

  • Seismic Design and Retrofitting

  • Structural Fire Engineering

Building Designs

  • Building Code Reviews

  • Building Conditions Assessments

  • Site Inspections, Reviews and Engineer’s Letters

  • Additions, Renovations & New Construction for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

  • Permit Drawings, Tender Drawings, Construction Drawings

  • Contract Administration, Project Management & Construction Management

Land-Use Planning

  • Land Development

  • Application for Minor Variances

  • Official Plan Amendments

  • Site Plan Approval Applications

  • Severance Applications & Sketches

Engineering & Construction

  • As-Built Surveys & Record Drawings

  • Topographic Surveys

  • 3D LiDAR Scanning and Point Cloud Data

  • Drainage Confirmation Surveys

  • Site Plans and Building Permit Sketches

  • Precision Construction Layout

  • Control Surveys

Civil & Geotechnical Engineering

  • Soil Investigations Drainage and Grading Plans

  • Stormwater Management Plans & Reports

  • Site Servicing Plans & Reports.

  • Site Plan Approval Applications


  • General Contracting

  • Construction Management for additions, renovations and new construction.

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