Joining Our Team

Our team provides a variety of services, whether you have a university degree, college degree or are internationally qualified, we are interested in your experience. 

A lot of our projects work within construction and the Ontario Building Code. If you are interested in a career in civil engineering and building design there is a qualification you can get that will allow you to start designing small buildings called your BCIN. 

Do you have your BCIN?

In Ontario we have a pseudo-architect’s licenses for buildings under 600 sq.m. and 3 stories. When you get your BCIN license you can act as the architect and engineer on a project. This is a great opportunity to work on projects and learn the Ontario Building while building professional experience and a portfolio. 

BCIN website and information:

You can pay for an online course to learn more about the Ontario Building Code or you can self study.We recommend that at a minimum you obtain your BCIN license in legal, small buildings and structural. There are several other qualifications you can pursue to help make your application more attractive. 

The test is 75 choice multiple choice exam administered online. It is also open book and you can use a digital version of the code. 

You can get a free version of the Ontario building code by ordering it here:

Here is a good free resource for learning the Building Code on your own. This is for the National Building Code but its close enough to the Ontario Building Code you can still use it:

Learning lightframed construction will be important if you want to work in Ontario on construction projects. 

Part 9 Construction Guide,, you have to pay for it but its organized really well and adds a bit more explanation to the code and lightframed construction. 

TACBOC Details – standard details and information that is really helpful, shows you how to structure a permit drawing package as well

Do you have any examples of drawing packages you prepared? Include a permit drawing package in your portfolio and provide it with your application.

A typical permit package would include the following:

Title Page with Code Matrices


Foundation Plan & Details

Floor Plans



Standard details 

Once you have your BCIN, you would be more employable and we could likely arrange something. If you have a portfolio of drafting permit drawings that would help as well. When we review applications, we often look for BCIN licenses for new graduates, professional engineers and internationally qualified persons. It's an easy qualification to get and can demonstrate to employers that you understand the Ontario Building Code. 

We hope this helps!